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Our Technology

CleanTop® Technology

Concrete, as well as natural stone, has fine capillaries which can be penetrated by moisture and dirt. The CleanTop system is part of the production process and therefore permanently bonded in the stone. It protects the stone thoroughly. Depending on the Clean Factor, moisture and dirt cannot infiltrate the stone, or do so only partially. Marks can be quickly and easily removed with water and gentle external cleaning agents. And the surfaces have to be cleaned less often.

EchoAir Technology

Sounds unbelievable, but it is a new product in the range of METARA. Harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the air will turn during sunlight into mineral nitrate on the surface of the stone. It is the same principle, by which plants enhance air quality. This photocatalysis actively reduces air pollution and works unchanged throughout the life cycle of the stone. We call this principle EchoAir technology. It is the most elegant contribution to clean air.